Saturday, July 21, 2012

Maroon 5 Medley! - Victoria Justice & Max Schneider



Hello guys! Such a long time I didn't post anything on my blog. Yeah, I'm so sorry. Okay, let me tell you what's on the title. Have you watched the 'Maroon 5 Medley! - Victoria Justice & Max Schneider' on YouTube? You haven't?  You should! Okay, let me show you the medley. Either you watch here, on my blog or search on Youtube. It's up to you. Here we go!
"We had such an awesome time making the Bruno Mars Medley, so we had to follow it up with a new medley! This is a live lyric video -- EVERY LYRIC is in the video. It was a big challenge to make this, but with the help of a lot of talented people, we pulled it off! THANK YOU to everyone who worked on it!" - Kurt Hugo Schneider

They are rock and cool! They have cool and great voice, aren't they? So, enjoy the music! Bye Assalamualaikum.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mcountdown Vote



Annyeonghaseyo,BANA imnida.Have you guys vote for B1A4-Sleep Well Good Night?No?What are you waiting for?VOTE Now!Don't know where or how to vote?Click Here --> Mcountdown vote

Cara-cara nak vote;

1. Click link kat atas tuh yang "Mcountdown vote"

2. Dah click kan,okay sekarang tengok dekat bahagian kanan atas sekali.Ada tulis "You are not logged in" kan?Dekat sebelah dia,ada perkataan "Log In" kan?Click Log In!

Lepas click "Log In" ada macam ni kann;

3. Ok,tengok dekat "Or Choose your sign-in method" Sebelum tu,korang ada account facebook tak?twitter?Ada dua-dua?Yang ada account facebook tekan facebook,bagi yang ada twitter tekan twitter.Ada dua-dua?Click mana-mana yang korang nak dulu.

4.Lepas click button tu,korang sign in lah account korang.Tapi,bagi yang dah sign in,nanti dia terus akan loading.Korang tunggu je.

5.Dah log in?K,bagus.Bila dah habis loading,korang scroll ke bawah.Jangan sampai bawah sangat.Cube tengok dekat no.6 ada "Sleep Well Good Night-B1A4"

*Click untuk besarkan*

6.Tekan yang bulat kecil sebelah no.6 tuh.Dah?Scroll ke bawah sampai jumpa perkataan "VOTING".Jumpa?Click!

7.Bagi yang ada dua account,facebook dan twitter,lepas click voting,pergi dekat bahagian kanan atas sekali macam tadi,click "Log Out".Lepasti tekan "Log In" balik,dan click account yang korang belum guna untuk vote,contohnya,macam yang first-first korang guna facebook,yang sekarang ni pulak,korang guna twitter,okay?Lepastu buat step yang ke 5 dan ke 6. *Tamat,senang kan?

Entah-entah buat entry panjang lebar,tapi takde sorang pon vote.
 Please please please please please please please please please vote for them.Ok,bye.Assalamualaikum.

*Click SINI untuk join GA Awesome!